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HDTV CleanScreen™

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    Clean Logic Technologies MicroCLEAN™ Screen Cleaner.

    ( if you doubt our unique technology and claims – ask someone that you trust who knows )

     MicroCLEAN™ Screen Cleaner


    At CLT our engineers and chemists believe that adding anything to a cleaning solution that is not essential to the cleaning chemistry, such as thickening agents and colour dyes, is not recommended or necessary.

    • CLT’s Ultra Fine mister applies a fine fog of MicroCLEAN™ and prevents drips and running of liquid on the screen.

    • CLT’s Drip Free mister avoids the need to add thickening additives that can contaminate screens.

    • CLT’s Ultra Fine mister provides many more uses than a 200ml bottle.

    • CLT’s bottle is ergonomically selected to be comfortable and easy on hands of all sizes.

    • CLT’s separate bottle and cloth provides cleaning access to more surfaces, shapes and corners than products that combine the bottle and cloth.

    • CLT’s proprietary MicroCLEAN™ chemistry is a NEW and TOTALLY UNIQUE chemical approach to cleaning. Other cleaning chemistry uses surficants to break the bond between dirty hydrocarbon molecules and the surface being cleaned. As these large molecules are removed they typically leave smears on the surface. CLT’s MicroCLEAN™ attacks the hydrocarbon molecules, breaking them into smaller pieces and removes them without smearing.

    • CLT’s MicroCLEAN™ has much smaller molecules that easily enter and remove dirt from the micro-pore surface of the screen or lens. New dirt has nothing to cling to. As a result the surface stays cleaner longer.

    Microfibre cloth.

    • CLT’s deep pile microfibre cloth absorbes dirt into the pile and avoids scratching the screen or lens surface.

    • CLT’s deep pile microfibre cloth has thousands of times the cleaning surface area than traditional flat clothes. This greater area provides more and faster aborbing for quicker cleaning and drying.

    • CLT’s separate deep pile microfibre cloth is washable for safe and effective and confident re-use.

    • CLT’s separate reusable deep pile microfibre cloth is easier on the environment.




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