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5 logical reasons to choose CleanLogic™
Unique HyperBRUSH™ Technology:
HyperBRUSH™ can reach the surfaces where dirt collects (areas missed by other cleaners). Highly absorbent form-fitting brushes are ideally suited to clean the irregular surfaces and grooves in consumer electronic equipment.
Award Winning Technology
HyperBRUSH™ products have been honored with the industries most prestigious international awards.
Performance Guarantee
HyperBRUSH™ technology is guaranteed to safely outperform all other cleaners. This is the world’s only consumer performance guarantee.
Superior Profit and Value
Products using HyperBRUSH™ technology have a history of delivering premium retail pricing and profit, while their superior performance assures high levels of customer satisfaction.
Environmentally Friendly
MicroCLEAN™ cleaning solution is effective, nonflammable and non-toxic. Our engineering minimizes the use of raw materials and maximizes recycling.
Makes you wonder what the others are designed to do.

World Leader in CE Cleaning Technology.